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Let’s spotlight an industry expert from one of our underwriters

The past couple of years in real estate have been like no other period in history, and we don’t mean that positively or negatively. This industry is always cyclical, but thanks to a pandemic and then escalating interest rates and so much more, the roller coaster is faster and with more dips than ever before.

Experts are optimistic that 2024 will be a strong year for both buyers and sellers, and that’s a very welcome prediction. How exactly that plays out will be anyone’s guess. While the Wheatland Title team wishes we had a crystal ball, there’s no way to know everything that will come our way, and that’s OK.

However, what we can do is stay as informed as possible, and one of the ways our team does that is by paying attention to multiple experts, including Odeta Kushi. She’s the deputy chief economist for one of our underwriters, First American, an avid tweeter and frequent podcast host. Kushi doesn’t always deliver good news, but it’s certainly the information we need to hear.

Kushi often posts relevant charts and graphs as well as her own valuable insight into the facts and figures she’s sharing. Take this tweet, for example.

Want more knowledge from Kushi? Check out recent First American REconomy podcast episodes on the outlook for 2024why homeownership matters so much and why the current landscape compares to what we saw in the 1980s.

Your team of experts from the Wheatland Title Family of Companies is here to guide your next transaction to the finish line the right way. Thanks to all of our underwriters, we do that by being the most informed and prepared team we can be.

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